Dress code: Students must be in kurta and tights or Salwar Kameez (no anarkali, frocks or skirts allowed). Curriculum: In the first year we will learn foundational steps referred to as Adavus and the following will be covered: 8 Thattu adavu 4-8 Nattu adavu depending on the ability of the student. Basic concepts of mudras Sanskrit terms Thattu adavu description: In this adavu, we are taught the Bharatanatyam way of leg tapping. This adavu involves only the use of legs unlike most other adavus. Nattu adavu description: Natta" means to stretch and so this adavu involves some stretching to form beautiful patterns. The "Natta Adavu" involves heel contacts of the feet.

Sun Bollywood & Beyond, 35104 Newark Blvd. Newark, CA 94560

Class Age Time Duration Total Classes Availability
Beginners 6 to Adults 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Sept 8 to Nov 17 10 CLASSES FOR $280