I believe “Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life”. Its because when my daughter joined Ms. Sunita’s class last year n she started to enjoy the movement n it eventually became heart of her life. Ms. Sunita has the zeal and energy that mets everywhere not only in dance but also in the games she take. Her enthusiasm make kids dance automatically. Not only my daughter but even we wait for her sessions each week. Thank you Ms. Sunita for such a powerful energy booster to motivate kids and at the same time make it fun

Shishir Shikarkhane,

Me Sri..I generally don’t do online reviews. And after 2 years of my kids’ association with sun Bollywood I thought it’s a right time.
Two things I like and feel great about here
1. The crew..Ms. Sunita and Ms Asmita.. what an energy she has with training the young kids and toddlers and the perfection she looks for at every time. Kudos. No shortcuts.
2. The planning. Now four recitals are done. Minor and major..you should see the details of things they look into. Start from costume, makeup, timings and all the way until getting things with perfection.
Students learn not only dance but also some leadership qualities here. Kudos. Keep it up the whole time.

Sri R,

Sun bollywood dance school is kind of a package where you get a good instructor, learn good moves and lots of opportunities and platforms to show your talent. My Daughter has been going to Sun Bollywood since 2 years. She enjoys going to her classes and has started loving dance. This is all because of Miss Sunita. She puts a lot of effort in teaching kids wholeheartedly as dancing is her passion. I would highly recommend her to anybody whom I know.

Aisha Guptan, Fremont

My little one has been going to Ms Sunita’s class for the past 3 years. Ms Sunita has a kid friendly and joyful approach. She explains the meaning of songs so kids can express better. she arranges for the kids to perform in various events/festivals.  A great intro to Bollywood dancing thru this class.

Momofone M., Fremont